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Audi connect plus

Audi Australia has announced the arrival of an innovative suite of convenience, safety and security features called Audi connect plus, bringing a new world of intelligent functionality in Australia.

“Audi connect plus is the perfect contemporary example of our innovative Vorsprung durch Technik spirit in action,” said Paul Sansom, Managing Director of Audi Australia. “Owners can see real-time traffic information and avoidance options, check petrol station fuel prices, or the availability of spaces at a parking station, as well as advanced assistance and emergency response services when they are needed most.”

“Our team has worked hard for almost five years to bring this advanced suite of services to Australia after a testing, evaluation and adaptation program for our local market. “The potential for this technology to evolve the way owners use their vehicles is game-changing, and so as a result, the majority of our new models in the future will have Audi connect plus as a standard feature when it’s available.”

Audi connect plus utilises an online connection to find relevant information for the driver. Some examples include fuel pricing, parking information, weather, Google Search point-of-interest and Google Earth mapping, as well as navigation destination entry via Google Maps on your smartphone.

In addition, connect plus uses online traffic information to pinpoint traffic jams, in order to navigate around them. The Audi Personal Intelligent Assistant also recalls regular routes drivers travel in order to find the most efficient way.

Safety functions like Audi service request, as well as the automated and on-command Emergency call and online roadside assistance help owners’ peace-of-mind. Anti-theft alarm (with GPS location tracking), geofence and speed alert notifications are accessed via the myAudi smartphone app, which also enables the remote signal and lock/unlock function.

Audi connect plus works via an embedded SIM card that is installed in the factory while the car is produced. In Australia, this connects to the Telstra mobile network for data services, the cost of which are included in the price of the vehicle for at least the first three years of ownership, although the safety and security features are included for a 10-year period.

Audi connect plus will initially be rolled out in new A6, A7, Q8 and A8 arrivals in the latter half of 2019, while most new models in the future will feature some, or all, of the new services.

Editor: This reinforces the importance of Mike Anderson’s presentation at the recent Capricorn Conference, a topic that we will also cover in the upcoming Symposium next month.

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