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Audi, Automotive News: 2018 A8 to have Level 3 ‘hands off the steering wheel’ partial autonomy

As soon as regulators allow it, Audi will activate full Level 3 self-driving capabilities on 2018 Audi A8s carrying that option, Automotive News reported.

It’s the first production vehicle to claim to carry that level of autonomy, according to the newspaper.

Audi’s “traffic jam pilot” technology will work in traffic jams under 37.3 mph on “freeways and highways where a physical barrier separates the two carriageways,” the OEM wrote in a news release  Granted, that’s not the most common set of conditions in the U.S., and it wouldn’t alleviate two of the most boring or annoying scenarios for drivers — long-distance freeway travel or bumper-to-bumper city gridlock (no barrier between the halves of the road).

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