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Published on October 8th 2021 in

asTech to provide diagnostic scan reports with OEM tool reports

Repairify, Inc. announced that starting in October 2021, asTech’s remote scanning and diagnostic service will provide comprehensive diagnostic scan reports along with official OEM tool reports to customers in the USA.

“We listen to our customers. We are committed to providing excellent service to continually enhance our products and services,” said Cris Hollingsworth, President of Repairify. “The delivery of the original OEM scan report will provide our customers with an additional layer of confidence and transparency so they can remain focused on properly repairing today’s complex vehicles.”

asTech provides remote diagnostic solutions with a library of over 1,000 OEM scan tools and growing. Now following an asTech remote OEM scan, customers will have access to a copy of the official OEM tool report. asTech provides further value with a customised scan report that includes additional information and insights such as diagnostic trouble codes, repair recommendations, recall check information and professional input from the company’s team of over 400 ASE and I‐CAR certified master technicians.

“We identified the opportunity to include this resource during our ongoing one‐on‐one conversations with our customers,” said Maurice Tuff, Chief Technology Officer of Repairify. “We are pleased our customers continue to trust our dedicated team of professionals and our industry‐leading technology throughout their repair. Repairify continuously provides innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of the industry.”

Diagnostic scan reports are delivered directly to asTech customers following pre‐ and post‐scans, and the OEM tool report will be available as a supplemental resource. The reports are also available in the recently launched asTech Connect customer experience, which includes a mobile application for both iOS and Android. Connect allows customers to see the status of all their devices, to chat directly with Master Technicians in multiple languages and to quickly view and search for invoices, reports, and more.

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