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Published on April 14th 2022 in

AMA Group rewards employees with shares

AMA Group Limited, the only pure collision repair and parts business listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, is making its employees part owners of the Group.

A total of 9.22m new shares have been issued in the maiden offer of the Group’s General Employee Share Plan.

“Giving our people shares in the company acknowledges and rewards the significant contribution they each make to AMA Group,” said CEO Carl Bizon. “I am proud to share ownership of the company with the rest of our team across Australia and New Zealand.”

The share plan connects AMA Group employees to a common goal: They each stand to benefit personally from the success of the broader business. AMA Group investing in its people in this way makes them part of something bigger: A community that is building for the future, together.

Hear reactions from team members across the group, in their own words, on YouTube at

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