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Allstate partners with Opus IVS scanning service option

Allstate is committed to ensuring that all customer vehicle repairs are completed safely and in a timely manner. As part of that commitment, Allstate has partnered with OPUS IVS to offer their Good Hands Repair Network (GHRN) shops a new optional remote scan service.

OPUS IVS provides a unique scan tool offering both quality aftermarket and OEM scan capabilities, utilising experienced technical support. It is also integrated with Allstate CCC for ease of file documentation.

Whilst it is not mandatory for GHRN shops to use the services offered by OPUS IVS, for those who are interested, OPUS IVS has offered their unique scanning service with no upfront tool costs or monthly rental fee when the scanning kit is utilised each month.

Scanning kit utilisation includes at least 10 paid quick scans with reports and an order of at least two paid premium services per kit, per month. These minimum kit requirements are not limited to Allstate-only business.

This partnership will assist the GHRN shops with many of the challenges associated with the changing vehicle technology environment.

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