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All next-gen Volvos to be hybrid or fully electric starting in 2019




Volvo has announced  that every new vehicle it launches after 2019 will be a hybrid or fully electric variant.

The OEM seemed to suggest in a news conference that current-generation models wouldn’t be fully converted to hybrid or plug-in hybrid editions until it’s time for an “all-new” version years down the road.

For example, while Volvo does sell a “Twin Engine” plug-in hybrid variant of the XC90 generation that began in 2016, it would continue to sell internal combustion engine XC90s past 2019 and until it was time for a completely redesigned, next-gen XC90 sometime early next decade.

“We will not overnight, change over to this new powertrain,” Volvo President and Chief Executive Håkan Samuelsson said.

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Editor: This is certainly a bold step from Volvo. We wait to see how other manufacturers react to the Volvo decision.

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