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Published on July 14th 2018 in

AirPro Diagnostics launches mobile scanning solution in the US

AirPro Diagnostics (APD) announced the launch of its new FieldPro mobile scanning solution.  FieldPro is an evolution in APD’s portfolio of tools and remote service solutions developed to create economic advantages for APD customers.

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The FieldPro is a pocket size scan tool that serves as a wireless link between a damaged vehicle and the insurance field appraiser. After connecting to the vehicle, the FieldPro quickly downloads a list of modules along with any and all corresponding diagnostic trouble codes It then uploads the results through a cell phone app to APD where a report is prepared by their ASE certified technicians.

Referencing OEM service information, a cost estimate and description of any needed or required diagnostics, calibrations or safety system programming services are highlighted in a report immediately sent to the field appraiser for a more accurate and reliable appraisal. A permanent copy of the data and report is accessible and retained by APD in its cloud-based ORION management system for future access.

“After thorough investigation and development, we are proud to introduce this valuable mobile solution to the insurance and repair community,” stated Lonnie Margol, President & CEO of AirPro Diagnostics. “Significant savings in time and money will result from delivery of a scan report complete with estimated scan and calibration costs in the field to an adjuster”.

“Downstream appraisal supplements were identified as a significant cost that reimbursing insurers want to identify earlier. Collision shops will take comfort in receiving a pre-approved, OEM required, pre-repair scan report, complete with necessary calibration and post-repair scan procedures, at the time of receipt of the estimate. Insurers and repairers will benefit from huge efficiencies and hopefully end the debate on what might be needed on a repair. FieldPro helps meet our mission to remove waste and increase efficiency in the scan, programming and safety system calibrations arena,” he concluded.

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