NCR iBodyshop

Adversity Presents Opportunity

A message from Stephen O’Brien, Managing Director, DNS Technology Pty Ltd.

I’m sure I don’t need to point out that 2020 has been challenging to say the least. Having been a supplier to the industry for over 30 years we’ve seen lots of ups and downs caused by a new shop opening in the area, loss of a contract, and so on, but absolutely nothing compares to the dramatic drop in work since March.

Feedback from our 1,100+ customers have reported on average a 50 percent drop in estimates written, with regional not as severe but some city shops reporting a 70 percent drop. Things seem to be recovering quickly with June and July seeing the drop reduce to 30 percent of pre-COVID levels

Typical of Aussies when faced with adversity, our customers have displayed remarkable resilience plus a real “let’s get on with it” attitude resulting in:

  1. Only 9 out of our 1,100 customers have shut their doors.
  2. From April to July 62 shops converted to iBodyshop (down on normal but still spectacular given the circumstances).
  3. Our training department of five technicians have been run off their feet by existing customers: “I want to improve efficiency, teach me more about iBodyshop” is the usual reason.
  4. Another popular request has been: “I run 2 or 3 systems, it’s inefficient and costly, how can I do it all in iBodyshop”?

Our trainers have been very happy to help.

We’re not out of the woods yet and who knows what the future will hold. However, we do know that those shops who embrace the opportunity to improve will certainly be better placed to handle whatever curve ball is thrown at them – certainly much better than shops who don’t change anything.

There is absolutely no question – whatever estimating/bodyshop management system you use today, iBodyshop will make your business more efficient, productive and competitive.

Try it out for yourself – sign up for a 30 day free trial at and I’ll give you rundown on how it works.

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