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Adding light and space to inspire training

When a workshop is cluttered or tired looking, a change of scenery may be what is needed to inspire staff and get them motivated for training. This well equipped and spacious location in inner Sydney could be the solution.

Safety and training are two of the most critical factors affecting the long-term success of any business in the collision repair industry, so the SAPE Group’s Automotive Training Academy makes a lasting contribution to the wider industry.

In the five years since opening in 2018 the facility has seen multitudes of trainees take advantage of the revolutionary purpose-built training facility for the collision repair industry.

It attracts a diverse range of attendees, from experienced technicians looking to upgrade their skills to newcomers wanting to enter the field.


Training with the latest tools and technology at the SAPE academy.

The Training Academy creates a virtual workplace for participants to confront the challenges of a real body shop in a risk-free environment. The venue can be hired to run workshops, planning or training sessions or team development activities.

The purpose-built setup can provide a comprehensive learning experience for professionals in the industry, allowing them to get hands-on experience with the latest tools and products, enhancing their skills and knowledge in collision repair.

Centrally located in Sydney at Condell Park and situated just off the M5 it offers convenience for many attendees.

It serves a dual role, firstly where the SAPE Group can use the academy as the company’s internal training centre. It also acts as a hire venue for training and upskilling of industry-wide collision repair technicians in best OEM practices, where whoever hires the venue can conduct or arrange their own training.

The SAPE training academy offers the opportunity for technical training in a spacious, safe and clean venue.

The SAPE Automotive Training Academy is available to anyone that requires a theory training room or workshop style practical area. Accommodating larger groups in its expansive area, it also has the capacity to smaller niche groups in specialised areas. The classroom can accommodate 20 participants and is fully equipped with modern technologies.

Sydney Automotive Paints and Equipment has a strength in staying up date to date with the latest gear in the industry and they have carried this though to the Academy  which utilises state-of-the-art equipment from leading brands such as GYS, Spanesi, Celette, Autorobot, Jollift, IRT, Wielander+Schill, Kamatec, and Scangrip.

Having a wide range of the latest European-made collision repair products is likely to be a great advantage for those looking to learn and work with cutting-edge technology and techniques in collision repair without the initial large outlay of purchasing.

It is the chance to work with a diverse range of up-to-date equipment, along with the spaciousness, modern design, that make up the most positive feedback from participants who have experienced the training academy according to SAPE equipment division manager Beau Knowles.

“The SAPE Automotive Training Academy allows for training & upskilling across a broad spectrum of collision repair methods,” Knowles says.

“Those hiring the venue normally run their own training programs designed to teach individuals the skills and techniques necessary to repair vehicles that have been involved in collisions or accidents.”

Some of the latest industry equipment that can be utilised

The technological edge it can add to the knowledge and skills of repairers is one of the key benefits that the SAPE Training Academy can offer businesses.

“It’s important for OEM Collision Repairers to stay up-to-date with the latest repair techniques and industry standards, given the complexities of modern vehicles,” he says.

“Utilising the SAPE Automotive Training Academy can help these repairers enhance their skills and knowledge, ultimately leading to better service for their customers and safer repairs for vehicles.

The formal training space at the academy

“As vehicles become more technologically advanced and intricate, proper repair and maintenance become increasingly important. Following OEM repair procedures ensures that the vehicle is repaired in a way that maintains its original safety features and structural integrity,” Knowles says.

“This is critical to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers, and others on the road. Training plays a pivotal role in ensuring that technicians have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out repairs according to OEM standards.”

SAPE intends to ensure that the academy stays at the forefront of one of the industries most challenging areas; ever-evolving technology.

As vehicles become more technologically advanced, their systems and components require specialised tools and equipment for proper diagnosis and repair.

“Remember, staying at the forefront of vehicle repair technology is an ongoing effort,” Knowles says.

“At SAPE, we’re committed to visiting all corners of the globe to bring the best collision repair equipment available in the market today.”


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