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The National Collision Repairer is proudly published by Joe & Josephine McFadries

Joe McFadries

Joe McFadries

Joe McFadries began his career in the Automotive and Industrial division of one of the largest global coatings companies, spending his early years in operational roles before moving into “the commercial world”.

Since 1980 Joe worked as an Industrial Chemist, Production Manager, Sales and Marketing Director, General Manager and Executive Director. Throughout the journey he has developed an affinity for the coatings industry, with an emphasis on the automotive refinish sector. He is qualified in chemistry, business and finance which has served him well in a career across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. As the Editor of The National Collision Repairer magazine Joe’s focus will be to support the development of the industry and the new talent that will become its future.

Josephine McFadries

Digital Editor
Josephine McFadries

Josephine McFadries has a wide and varied background that includes administration, marketing, event coordination and accounting in a variety of organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Josephine has applied her knowledge and developed her experience over the past 20 years in several diverse industry sectors that include the Insurance sector, the Coatings industry, Research organisations and for brief period the Public Relations industry. This experience is complemented by formal business qualifications. As Digital Editor Josephine will be responsible for our emerging electronic platform which includes the e-newsletter, website management and the development of social media.

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