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A final word in 2020 from the Digital Editor

2020! What a year through which to navigate! I never would have anticipated the chaos that we were thrown into.

I would like to firstly thank all our amazing customers, your level of support over this year has been extraordinary. I also thank Chris Stone, our Art Consultant who effortlessly designs and produces our publication every month, our consultants around the world who contribute incredible content, our suppliers, industry associations, our readers and every Collision Industry Professional who contributes to our remarkable industry every day.

Last but definitely not least I thank our Editor Joe, my partner (in business and in life), mentor, and confidant who has (literally) been shoulder-to-shoulder with me as we have traversed the landscape of this year. His resilience, positivity and “dad” jokes helped me to smile through it all.

The lessons that I have learnt this year will be with me forever, along with the startling realisation that any business can be closed down overnight with no idea of when it will be able to open and change lives forever.

The year has given me great pause for thought and my passion to deliver the latest news, views and information has not been diminished by 2020, in fact, in seems to have made me more determined.

The National Collision Repairer will be taking a 4 week break and we look forward to reconnecting with you all in 2021. I encourage you all to allow the upcoming festive season to be a chance to let your shoulders down, spend time with the ones that you love and to look forward with positivity to a new year that is just around the corner.

Merry Christmas, happy new year and thank you.

Digital Editor note: PS. Be careful on the roads out there over the break, if you take the wrong turn you might end up in a hay “stack”! 😉

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