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3M and Chip Foose celebrate the 3M PPS World Cup

Last month the 3M Collision Repair Solutions Team held a unique celebration of classic car culture as part of the 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise Week.

The 3M PPS World Cup saw 10 leading automotive painters from around the world gather in Detroit, Michigan to demonstrate their skills with the latest 3M solutions for vehicle painting. The painters then unveiled their designs on miniature hoods during the Woodward Dream Cruise, a cruising event that attracts over 40,000 cars and 1.5 million car lovers, annually.

Legendary automotive designer Chip Foose joined in the celebration, noting that the designs created by the painters showed amazing creativity and high standards. ‘Each one has a unique style and design, which reflects their take on classic car culture as well as their hometown heritage,’ said Foose.

“These are all beautiful creations, and I look forward to seeing their work on a full vehicle in the future.” Painters from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Germany were joined in Detroit by Australia’s own Carmine De Maria, from C.A.D. Custom in Tullamarine, Victoria. ‘This has been an unbelievable, once in a lifetime experience for me,’ said Carmine. ‘The ten of us have bonded over our passion for cars and quality painting and have had the chance to learn from each other, using the very best of products and come up with designs we are all proud of. I can’t thank 3M enough for this opportunity – all of the painters will remain friends and continue to help and inspire each other throughout our careers.’

3M Collision Repair Solutions Business Manager Andrew King was pleased to have Carmine represent Australia at the event, observing the importance 3M places in supporting the growth and development of the industry on a local level. ‘By connecting with professionals in our industry we gain excellent insights into how they work and what their pain points are,’ he said. ‘We then use this understanding to continue innovating and creating solutions for painters which make their work both easier and more enjoyable’.

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