Published on December 14th 2020 in

2020! A year to remember!

As we wind up the year, we reflect on some of the events of 2020, and although we have had our challenges – bushfires, drought and of course a coronavirus, the year has not been without its success stories.

It has been a year that has changed so many lives and so many businesses forever, and as that great 20th century philosopher, my mum, often said” “necessity is the mother of invention”. In 2020, this has never been more applicable.

So many businesses have taken the opportunity to reinvent themselves, debottleneck their processes and even invest in the business to set themselves up for 2021 and beyond. We also saw major coatings suppliers step up and assist many of their clients with the implementation of 5S; we saw the importance of being part of the Fix Auto Network; and we saw I-CAR Australia evolve to become a company limited by guarantee and adapt to the world of virtual training.

We also saw the automotive industry take a quantum leap in electric vehicle technology, with several global manufacturers taking the lead in their market segments. The AAAA hosted their Automotive Leaders Forum, bringing the industry together for this ground-breaking virtual event, and Capricorn launched their State of the Nation report, providing a unique insight into our industry.

And in a celebration of the rich history of the National Collision Repairer, on our 5th anniversary we reflect on the journey with “a drive down memory lane” with founders, David Newton-Ross and Chris Stone, and close out the year with many great milestones and memories along the way.

Finally, in a year we will never forget, Josephine and I, together with our team of correspondents and consultants once again thank you all for your support and wish you a safe and happy festive season and we look forward to bringing you all the “news, views and information” in 2021.

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